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graeme robertson

senior Associate

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As of 2017 Graeme has worked in talent acquisition and contingent labor for sixteen years. He has a well-rounded experience having worked both on the supply-side and buy-side where he has implemented RPO, MSP, ATS, VMS solutions into ten countries in Europe and fourteen in Asia. He has implemented and refined objective measurement processes in the selection of vendors: both small and large, ensuring all vendor selection and ongoing vendor management processes were compliant with the OCC’s Bulletin 2013-29.

Graeme is an advocate of using data in a succinct, easy to understand manner: ensuring that messages conveyed to executives are credible, compelling and result in action. He is also passionate about the vital role played by specialist vendors in the talent search and in 2015 he gave a ‘TED’ style talk to the main floor of delegates at the Contingent Workforce Strategies Summit – Asia Pacific entitled ‘Don’t kill your giraffes: ensuring value-add vendors survive and then thrive in your supply chain’.

Immediately prior to joining Brightfield Graeme was responsible for delivering $100mm in savings from a mature, US-based contingent labor program in 2016.

Graeme has lived in Tokyo and Geneva so has on the ground experience in both Europe and Asia. He currently lives in the United Kingdom.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: (212) 448-1841

areas of expertise
  • Vendor assessment and selection
  • Vendor management - especially pertaining to risk and compliance
  • Balancing local, regional and global needs for services and tools
  • Integrating MSP and RPO solutions
  • Pricing models for services
speaking engagements/attending events

Feel free to reach out to discuss future speaking opportunities, panel discussions and workshops via info@brightfieldstrategies or call us on +1.212.448.1845