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maria goyer

VP, Product Development & Data Services

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With 22 years experience in talent acquistion, Maria has been instrumental in the development and management of Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange (TDX), both the Talent Acquisition Benchmarking Services and Contingent Workforce Analytics platforms. She has provided innovative industry and strategic expertise in the development of all aspects of Business Process Outsourcing, including design, implementation and administration of multimillion dollar projects for Global 500 companies. As a pioneer in the MSP, VMS and compliance industries, Maria has designed several SaaS applications and worked with customers across all industry verticals to build talent management solutions. She is well known for her creative and innovative approach to product and program evolution and is a frequent contributor and speaker for contingent workforce, talent acquisition, compliance and risk mitigation events and publications.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: (212) 448-1845
San Francisco, US linkedinbutton

areas of expertise
  • SaaS for Management of Talent Acquisition Benchmarking, Contingent Workforce Management, Compliance, and Analytics
  • VMS/MSP Solution Design and Implementation
  • Global Contingent Workforce Practices
  • Contingent Workforce Compliance and Risk Mitigation
speaking engagements/attending events

Silicon Valley Sympositum, January 14, 2016, San Jose, CA