First job: Paperboy.

Wrote senior thesis on
biomimetic alloys for Mars Rover.

# of airports Steve's been through.

steve knapp

Vice President, Professional Services


Over ten years in the contingent workforce arena, Steve’s been a key player in disciplines ranging from sales to delivery of MSP – VMS Programs. During that time, he’s successfully implemented over $3B in annualised spend across a variety of verticals in dozens of countries while in various implementation roles. During his career, Steve’s also chartered the Solutions Group at IQNavigator, a department focused on provisioning best practice documents, specific localization, service categories like SOW and industrial labour, financial process related to VMS/MSP programs and SAP integrations best practices. Currently residing in London, England, Steve is responsible for supporting Brightfield’s clients in the UK and the EU.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 44 (0) 7703 449282
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areas of expertise
  • VMS technologies and ERP integrations
  • Global VMS/MSP Implementations
  • In-country localization best practices
speaking engagements/attending events

Presenting on Rate Modelling at the CWS Council European Meeting: Microsoft Campus Dublin - Ireland, Nov 6

Topic: Best Practices for dveloping effective rate cards