Even the best workforce plans
are not perennial.

US bachelor degree graduates 2014.

Beware of geeks bearing unvalidated facts.

% of US workers with paid sick leave.

fingerprintBrightfield’s forensic approach to identifying, examining and solving problems is one of a kind. In case after case, our analytical methodologies create efficiencies that lead to greater productivity. Throughout our efforts, Brightfield remains fiercely independent and famously objective; third party contingent workforce experts whose primary concern has always been and will always be the success of the buyer. Recently however at the request of a growing list of clients, Brightfield has also begun to work directly with MSP and VMS suppliers. While some might perceive this new development as a potential conflict of interest (a reasonable assumption since Brightfield has heretofore been unaffiliated and outspoken against such ties), Brightfield will continue to be impartial to any one service model and as unbiased in our decisions and recommendations as we’ve always been. Regardless of working arrangements, we will remain free to create strategies that benefit our clients and improve the contingent workforce management industry as a whole. Our belief in trust, fairness and transparency will not change because our basic philosophy will not change; that Brightfield is not in the business of delivering advice in our best interest but in the business of delivering results in yours.


in physics
work = force x distance
in business
work = headcount x hours
in the new world
work = talent ÷ risk


The definition of work has shifted; becoming more result focused. Based on output, 
we now define work as a function of talent, the quality, size and orchestration of workers, 
proportional to risk, the potential for failure, delay or unforeseen budgetary events.
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