Cause & effect: we don't just fish, we filet.

Average aggregate tax range in APAC.

% of companies implementing
proper compliance measurements
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Even data has a biological time clock.

is only needed when you don’t have facts.

European MSP spend.

Average length of contingent
worker assignment.

At 82m, world’s largest CW.

Companies who include detailed
assumptions of risk of work completion
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Projected staffing growth
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How Work Flows Through Our Organization.

Distilling data scientifically can produce pure gold.  With personalities perfectly suited for analysis, Brightfield breaks down data in meticulous, non-formulaic ways. We not only study invariant measures in dynamic systems to assess, design, source, implement and continually optimize contingent workforce programs but work diligently to prevent elasticity, the tendency of companies to return to their original state after being deconstructed. We believe our detailed data-centric approach to building, expanding and optimizing contingent workforce programs leads to a more efficient work stream. One that creates more opportunity and yields better results.




Analysis is the real test.

Clients often ask “how do we get from where we are to where we need to be?” The answer often involves analytics. How we evaluate problems. How we measure answers. How we articulate conclusions. Brightfield doesn’t make recommendations based on vague generalities but ones backed by real fact. Because we believe if recommendations can’t be measured, they shouldn’t be supported and in all likelihood won’t be successful.

1. Assess. More than just a voyage of discovery, Brightfield’s use of industry recognized standards and proprietary benchmark data makes our recommendations believable, measurable and attainable no matter how unique our approach may be. While analysis of the three statistical areas below can sometimes lead to more analysis, especially in cases where the data is deep and diverse, we believe “gutting” the data can also lead to more insightful and actionable conclusions. It all starts with a few questions.

  1. Performance- How well is the program doing? How can it work better?
  2. Maturity- How well is the program built? How likely is it to grow and scale or contract and adapt?
  3. Readiness- How prepared is an organization to make the changes necessary for improvement?

At the end of the Assess phase, clients will have a compelling case for change substantiated by data. Stakeholders in turn should be aligned in common cause, have a shared knowledge of the opportunity and a mutual vision for the improvements they need to make.

2. Design. With workshops driven and facilitated by the Brightfield team, the phase two goal is a fact based, functional requirements document which directly addresses the problems and opportunities identified during Assessment. The all-important document ensures that innovation synchs with priority every step of the way. During the design phase, we rethink which sourcing models are appropriate for a range of skills (IT vs. clerical) or geographies (US vs. China), redefine requirements, develop fit for purpose solutions and establish a governance structure/model. At the end of the day, clients get a top quality requirements report complete with technical and workflow diagrams plus enumerated, grouped and prioritized use case documentation.

3.Source (optional). Whether a highly formal RFP process or a more agile sourcing methodology, Brightfield ensures the right scope and requirements are identified and clarified so all parties can agree to and arrive at the best fit solution. (In most cases that means the right terms and most ideal conditions at the right price.) What do clients get out of phase three when all is said and done? A contracted relationship with one or multiple parties that includes a Master Services Agreement covering best in class terms and conditions, a granularly defined Statement of Work that specifies the scope of services and a Service Level Agreement that sets the minimum level of performance standards.

Sourcing services can be turnkey or Brightfield can play a subject matter expert role in support of a client’s procurement team. Other key points to consider are Brightfield’s rigorous evaluation process and objective selection criteria as well as our tried and true scoring methodology which can help align a cross functional team of client stakeholders with different requirements, opinions and objectives.

4.Implement. We’ve found that most players involved in the implementation phase are not only new to the situation but are not likely to remain with the program once stood up. Maybe they haven’t been involved in the RFP process when details were established for the proposed solution or perhaps their investment in the program's success is limited to a smooth launch. Whatever the case, Brightfield helps steady the rudder to keep implementations on course with the same spirit, purpose of mission and vision of program originally sold to internal sponsors and stakeholders. With that kind of leadership, a launched and steady-state program with functioning governance model, stakeholder approval and customer satisfaction is all but ensured.

*A word of caution. Companies often say “I don’t want to get into current and future state details now. We’ll address them during implementation.” Brightfield believes at that point, however, it’s too late. Having already selected their vendors, delaying any decision puts the implementation at risk. We also hear companies say “I’ve just spent 6 plus months selecting a Managed Service Provider and a VMS, they’ll handle it”. But MSP and VMS companies are under the gun to launch the program. Adding another responsibility to their already crowded plate often compromises their ability to get it all done right on time.

5.  Improve/Optimize. Over the years, Brightfield has learned that subsequent follow through is just as important as initial think through. With insight based on hindsight, our analytical and strategic expertise in managing the day to day keeps a firm hand and keen eye on strategic objectives. Taking you from where you are right now to where you want to be while permanently changing the chemistry of your company for the better. To make the ongoing job easier, improve performance and mature the program, Brightfield helps keep the work and data flowing via dashboard and analytics. Because when all is said and done, innovation requires constant attention.