Talent Data Exchange
more than collecting data, connecting data

Talent Data Exchange (TDX) is a membership-based data analytics platform and service. An outgrowth of Brightfield Strategies’ analytical expertise, its invention lets companies precisely compute the cost of human capital and test workforce strategies by bringing together employee and non-employee data in a single conforming dataset. Empowered with that ability, TDX is the first platform that can assess actual market intelligence on a total talent basis. Now organizations can establish true market rates for their contingent workforce with absolute conformity (i.e. apples to apples comparability). By benchmarking talent acquisition, companies can compare key recruiting metrics against peer organizations across all industry verticals specific to FTE/employee anonymized data.  Simply put, TDX does more than just collect data, it’s connects data for everyone’s benefit.


TDX Diagram with new logo

In partnership with ERE Media, Talent Acquisition Benchmarking offers performance metrics that matter most to HR leaders, such as:

  • Quality Metrics
    • Submittals to hire ratio
    • Offer acceptance rate
    • Quality of talent
  • Speed Metrics
    • Time to fill
    • Time to accept
    • Time to start 
  • Productivity Metrics
    • Requisitions per recruiter
    • Hires per recruiter
    • Source of hire
  • Cost Metrics
    • Total resource cost per candidate hired

Contingent Workforce Analytics examines the cost of non-employee labor through market level analysis for rate intelligence and to develop and validate workforce strategies, with its suite of tools.

  • Variant Explorer to evaluate how job titles distribute with respect to job attributes.
  • Tru-Market Valuator to ascertain market rates with respect to job attributes
  • Program Diagnostics to diagnose opportunities for improvement.
  • Job Description Profiler to extract keywords, skills and education requirements from requisitions’ job descriptions.
  • Rate Card Publisher to satisfy a client’s rate management requirements.
  • Labor Basket Analyzer to get a sense of where company is against market overall.