Use Cases

Program Expansion

Human resources leader at a biotechnology client needs to expand the MSP  to meet compliance goals, but the business objects, saying that the MSP will increase their cost. She turns to TDX for a neutral, outside perspective on the potential markup and bill rate impact.

Market Positioning

A banking client’s leading regional competitor has reportedly cut bill rates by 10% across the board.  The leader of the contingent workforce program turns to TDX to evaluate where a similar rate reduction would place her program in the market and their competitor.

SOW Negotiation

A procurement leader at an oil field services firm wanted to renegotiate with a SOW supplier who has an hourly rate card.  She gains insight into the suppliers true markup by building a “should-cost” model using TDX to help her understand temp labor bill rates.

Rate Card Questions

IT business stakeholders at an oil and gas major question the validity of the rate card for contingent labor. Procurement analysts turn to TDX to validate the local rates using real transactional data.

Supplier Negotiation

The contingent workforce program manager at a UK-based banking client reviews supplier markups bi-annually. He turns to TDX to get a picture of supplier markups by category and to make sure the request from his suppliers are fair to all parties.

Quality Concerns

Stakeholders at an insurance client were concerned that quality of talent as measured by time to recruit and tenure were falling short of expectations. Suppliers had told them that low rates were the culprit. The leaders of the contingent workforce program turned to TDX to get a neutral, third-party perspective.

Controlling Pricing Through Market Shifts

A procurement leader at a biotech firm was looking for a way to evaluate if the MSP was able to control pricing in a tight labor market. He turned to TDX as an external benchmark for rates to confirm that the MSP is doing as good as possible given the market conditions.

Comparing Employee to Contingent Rates

Executives at a leading healthcare provider wanted to know if a population of nearly 500 workers would be better served as temporary or full-time employees. They turn to TDX to help them understand the complete picture of recruiting and position by position, whether it is more cost effective to have as an employee or temp.

Business Unit Assessment

The contingent workforce leader of a decentralized global manufacturing organization assesses the state of contingent workforce of its business units whenever there are reports of challenges to finding quality talent.  She utilizes an assessment protocol that examines supplier markups, bill rates, and the competitive landscape for talent in the region. TDX provides key benchmarking on markups and rates.

Rate Card Validation

The program manager of a manufacturing client wants to review the performance of the rate card on a quarterly basis. She turns to TDX’s analytical tools to know how the assignments compare to the rate card and how the trend of assignment rates compares to the market at large.