Contingent Workforce Program Maturity
Model according to Brightfield
& Staffing Industry Analysts

# of boomers retiring daily.


We donʼt offer endless studies or theoretical advice. Every project we undertake, every recommendation we make, every strategy we implement is designed to provide the greatest possible outcome in the least possible time. From modeling and analytics to management consulting to governance, risk, compliance, each bit of data collected throughout the end to end analysis contributes to the big picture; revealing insights about quality of talent, process efficiency and spending behavior. Our rigorous investigation and application not only makes each case projection undeniable but actionable. Because ideas are only brilliant if they can be executed brilliantly.

To further help companies improve the competitiveness of their CW program, Brightfield created a groundbreaking tool set that helps companies build strategies based on real market data. Read more at the Talent Data Exchange.                                    


Using cause to greater effect.

The problem with standard problem solving models is they often yield standard results. The experience and capability level of the Brightfield team ensure clients get the most out of their contingent workforce programs, and as quickly as practical. Our modified fishbone diagram provides root cause analysis that not only points out the underlying contributing factors but in many cases issues that go much deeper. Insights that offer a deeper understanding of your business and opportunity for meaningful change.