How well do you know your workforce?

Rates of change are easier to
calculate than change of rates.

New Zealand was the world's most
favorable regulatory environment in 2014.

Today’s regulatory environment suggests that companies assess their contingent workforce management systems and practices on a regular basis to help manage legal and business risk. If today’s state of reality concerns you, consider tomorrow’s. The fact that the IRS has allocated $5.3 billion to ensure greater compliance in 2014. The fact that 80% of all class-action lawsuits are wage and hour related. The fact that companies are surely non-compliant given the patchwork laws that differ from state to state. It’s time the will to comply, embraced the way. Brightfield identifies non-compliance activities and provides solutions to correct the issues before they become massive problems. Because you don’t just need to know what risks you have, you need ideas that eliminate those risks entirely.





Workforce classifications aren't always so obvious.