Time card vs reporting system
vs supplier bill. To find discrepancies, 
follow the money.

Companies with regular CW
compliance reviews against requirements.

Some countries still require
daily proof for pay.



The Brightfield Audit Approach.

In our efforts to uncover recoverable funds (monies that shouldn’t have been billed and are often difficult to detect) and exposures to risk (legally relevant contractual processes that aren’t properly followed), Brightfield has found that auditing suppliers is as strategic as it is tactical. We know where to look, what to ask and how to avoid roadblocks like supplier reluctance and misdirection. Brightfield believes in any supplier relationship it’s important to trust but vital to verify; non-compliance is not always intentional and stakeholders need to be sure suppliers and/or supplier employees are not taking advantage of their company. Brightfield auditing services supply pure understanding of supplier billing and compliance practice as well as empirical data for informed decisions. Our audits are meticulous, methodical and objective. They also come with a guarantee. There is always an action to be taken after an audit.