% projected global increase in SOW
spend over next 10 yrs.

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2.5 yrs
How often boomers 18-46 yrs old
change jobs.

We don’t always tell you
what you want to hear.

% of Millennials leaving companies
in 3 yrs or less.

Global spend for on-line staffing.

In Canada, companies exchanging data
have the same protection as the originator.

# of minimum wage earners in US.

Average US retirement age in 1991.

Raw data properly dissected often reveals
unforseen opportunity.



Reaching the Do Point: When thoughts become actions.

Inside any one corporation are dozens of departments with hundreds of issues affecting thousands of stakeholders. To address and satisfy everyone’s needs and ultimately usher in fresh thinking, segmentation becomes a means to an end user and Brightfield a catalyst for change via program marketing. After all, what’s good for the worker and engagement manager is good for the entire company as long as there’s full compliance on everyone’s part regarding laws, rules and regulations. Even more to the point however is the fact that true change can only occur when a new way of seeing things becomes a new way of doing things.




Divide and Concur.

The Brightfield program marketing work stream is both simple and multi-faceted. The goal? Establish a multi-channel sales & marketing plan to engage different cross-functional stakeholders. To do so, Brightfield employs targeted messaging and proven methodologies aligned with every role. We consider that messages may vary for a frequent vs. infrequent user, that business units have different needs, and that skills required of contingent workers change from case to case. To make sure individual needs are met, the message and communication channels for each business unit executive remain mutually exclusive. In addition, Brightfield collaborates with clients to identify and characterize customer segments; establishing ideal messaging and communication channels for each target. From start to finish, stage to stage, it’s not about process, it’s about progress. About making sure everyone’s focused on the same page as companies head to the next chapter.

The Six Stages of Our Work Stream:

1. Evidence Stage. Identify & characterize customer segments by measuring data for potential impact.

2. Relevance Stage. Document & prioritize message channels per segment by evaluating data for emotional resonance.

3. Incorporation Stage. Merge previous assessment findings into key messaging.

4. Consequence Stage. Create communication plan by illuminating indicated paths and enlightening each segment.

5. Action Stage. Create communication messaging (email, presentations, story boards for videos) that encourages behavioral recalibration and change.

6. Decision Stage. Create detailed marketing rollout to facilitate choice and act.




Real Understanding Rewires Behavior.

When all goes according to plan, segmentation actions create positive reactions.  With feedback loops reinforcing messaging, companies can better motivate and empower employees and help monitor organizational productivity with minimal resistance. The circuit is data driven. Information gathering and analysis is its core function. Identifying specific measures to calculate supplier sufficiency, quality and rate competitiveness is the ultimate goal. All of which helps companies identify which suppliers to keep and how to better use their services category to category. The way Brightfield sees it, segmentation can help power improvement. Not change for the sake of change but change for the sake of results.