Amount spent globally on CW.

Atypical answers often require
atypical questions.

Grade given by employers to Millennials
in first business job.



If you’re not in the loop, you’re behind it.

No matter how up to date a business may be on the latest acts, facts and trends, today’s contingent workplace moves at a faster pace and hire rate than ever before. With market dictates changing plans dramatically, companies are often behind the learning curve somewhere along the line. Brightfield is engaged by Fortune 100 companies to get and keep workers in lock step with what’s new, now and next. Our expertise across a huge range of CW topics and unsurpassed knowledge of today’s market realities doesn’t come from one workers related field experience but from years of experience company-wide servicing a roster of clients world-wide. We believe data is a language requiring unique translation skills, the best answers often prove elusive until you ask the right questions and real knowing comes from doing and doing and doing. That’s the background at the forefront of every Brightfield workshop. Because in an ever changing landscape, learning never truly ends. And companies that aren’t constantly learning are almost always lagging.