Increase in # of new hires
since the recession ended in 2009.

# of HR jobs requiring
analytical skills advertised
in April/May 2013.

% of organizations that have
a formal offboarding practice in place.

Our mission is to bring innovative thinking from the industry's most experienced contingent workforce strategists to everything we do. To link means with ends, imagination with implementation, to help you grow. For companies looking to transform the way they manage their contingent workforce- whether evaluating Vendor Management Systems or Managed Service Providers, Brightfield provides objective strategic sourcing services on a turn-key or targeted basis. Our empirical knowledge of best practices can help create a level playing field in negotiations (having been on both sides of the table) and provide more meaningful opportunities and outcomes. Because in this world of new realities, it's not about what might work anymore. It's about what actually does.

With that in mind, companies can now access real data from actual business transactions and test the validity of their CW strategies precisely and anonymously. Read more about the new industry altering development at the Talent Data Exchange.

Brightfield's Assessment & Sourcing Framework


1. Establish Strategic Foundation

2. Current State Assessment

3. Future State Design 

4. Supplier Evaluation

5. Contract Negotiations

6. Implementation