% of CWs earmarked for
permanent employment in 2015.

Onboarding & offboarding seldom
proceed efficiently.


The best answers are often the result
of an uncluttered mind.

% of SOW workers misclassified.


It’s not a matter of versus,
it’s a matter of value.

% of Brightfield clients who report
quality issues with payrolled

+ 2.3%
Rate increase of IT workers in 2013.

Our performance assessment model defines and measures a company's contingent workforce program and practices from four perspectives. We consider drivers like changing labor laws the supply and demand for talent, globalization and rising costs to help you understand where you stand today and how to change tomorrow. The result isn't simply practical information, its pinpoint evaluation—strategies that drive growth and create value. To better analyze, develop and implement contingent workforce strategies, we measure each client's program performance against the following criteria...


of candidates, of relationships with suppliers, of requisitions and of timecard and billing accuracy

of candidate submissions, of data collection and tracking of program fixes and upgrades

of pay rate, of mark-up, of outsourced services and of software and hosting

of worker misclassification, of litigation,
of fees, fines and penalties, and of inadequate insurance coverage 


How does your program measure up?




Our maturity assessment model evaluates workforce programs across five principle dimensions—Comprehensive. Strategic. Measureable. Governed. Sustainable. Providing depth of detail and clear understanding of the areas needed for improvement and resources necessary to realize full potential. Because it's not just about where youʼre at, itʼs about where 
youʼre going.

How mature is your contingent workforce program?



When designing contingent workforce programs, Brightfield uses the Kano model to great effect. Created by quality management guru Professor Noriaki Kano, the model classifies customer preferences on differentiating service and product features- Must Have, More is Better, or Delighters- providing a solid framework from which Brightfield can provide “fit for purpose” solutions. Though clearly unique, it, like every model, only reflects the expertise of those doing the modeling. Given that reality, Brightfield’s analytical skill set and scientific mind set have proven time and again the ability to turn common industry tools into engines that drive uncommon results.



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