% of workers with access to
employer healthcare.

% of buyers negotiating CW pay rate
at time of hire.

South Africa has lowest
tax burden in EMEA.

HR outsourcing doubled the
last 5 yrs.



Stakeholders are not always understanding.

To facilitate comprehension, improve communication and identify cross-functional stakeholders within companies, Brightfield uses tools like the Stakeholder Matrix. In brief, it reflects an individual’s knowledge and degree of support/buy-in on any given project; telling us who’s in the loop, how to better negotiate internal hoops and gates and avoid potential showstoppers. (One of the biggest failures in VMS/MSP program implementations are unidentified stakeholders coming out of nowhere to thwart potential plans). By knowing the players, voices can be heard, needs met and projects moved forward efficiently. This glimpse of the organizational landscape not only helps make us smarter but clients more savvy, enabling those carrying the torch for change to champion and help execute the shared vision effectively as planned.