Amount spending on temp doctors
grew in 2013/14.

% of Americans who
don't like their jobs.

Global revenues of RPO market.

Time spent with SIA collecting & analyzing
VMS/MSP competitive landscape data.

Objective experts who can lead sourcing projects on a turn-key basis, Brightfield doesn't offer general broad stroke across the board advice, we provide targeted perspective and concrete direction specific to your company, your industry, your geography. Gone are the endless RFPs that fail to differentiate one bidding supplier's experience from another. Gone are the 6 month sourcing projects. Every year for the past 10 years, Brightfield has analyzed and evaluated over 30 VMS and MSP providers for Staffing Industry Analysts' "VMS and MSP Competitive Landscape Report" against a matrix of over 200 service and technology features, allowing clients to short cut the Request for Information phase. With framework agreements for MSP, VMS and staffing suppliers available to all clients, we offer best practice terms and conditions and best-in-class service level agreements. Because we have experience on both sides of the negotiating table, our clients have unparalleled advantages to ensure they get the right deal with the right supplier. Having worked extensively with legal, contracting and procurement teams, we know the language of suppliers and their business models so we can work efficiently and come to terms quickly. In other words, we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk to produce results.

A contingent workforce sourcing model structured for flexibility. 

In the new working world, the idea of productivity on demand, that companies need not have armies of workers waiting around costing a fortune in order to capitalize on opportunity, requires added flexibility and more intelligent models to source it. Because sourcing priorities of most companies vary by skill and location, many utilize multiple models rather than a one size fits all approach. Contrary to popular belief, MSP and VMS are not sourcing models, they are tools used to execute different sourcing models. The Brightfield design considers three primary forces- degree of competition, rate elasticity and amount of vendor integration. With these factors in mind, clients small, medium and mega can achieve the degree of flexibility necessary for success in today's marketplace.