We are leaders in Workforce Science,
an emergent field where data analysis
meets talent management.


Masters of Regression Analysis:
a statistical version of connect the dots.

Your data is trying to tell you something. Will it translate into meaningful results? Brightfield's reputation as a leader in contingent workforce analysis is backed by substantial client ROI for each and every client. Fluent in the universal language of data, versed in the burgeoning field of data science, we don't guess at strategies, we use fact based evidence to support decisions that drive results. Our made-to-measure contingent workforce strategies provide the flexibility our clients want, efficiencies our clients need. Because you not only need to out-think the competition, you need to out-execute them.

While our rate modeling and workforce mix modeling disect real data to reveal opportunity, a revolutionary new model is redefining  what out industry presently calls fact. Read more at the Talent Data Exchange.



When analyzing rates by job title, apples to apples comparisons
aren't good enough anymore.