In any given job title,
contract labor rates vary wildly.

Ideas come in numbers.

~ 2/3
Percentage of managers that lack
the analytical skills to define
business outcomes beyond price
and efficiency.

# of job titles analyzed by Brightfield.

Like many, Brightfield's approach to rate modeling makes the most of available data with one clear distinction; we use only credible data from reliable sources that actually represents the way your company demands contingent talent. In essence, our model is built on what we call "integrity of fact". Given how broadly rates range within job titles and how vague those titles can be, contextualizing data prior to calculating averages and company third-party benchmarks is key. Combined with a mixture of inputs like supplier Pareto, headcount dispersion per location as well as Voice of the Customer interview results, the empirical data and end user/stakeholder story not only provides insight for now but foresight for tomorrow; a fact-based predictor of not what might work but what will.

Our lust for real quantified fact extends far beyond any single model. Read how a new data based tool set can make CW programs more competitive at the Talent Data Exchange.


Two terms in real need of clarity and objectivity.

We believe words like "market rate" and "fair market value" are often used with good intention but inadequate definition. Market rate presumes a clear understanding of a discrete marketplace whose boundaries are commonly defined and whose transactional data has been aggregated and homogenized. Fair market value presumes that fairness and value have also been commonly defined and understood. In reality, however, the data that comprises transactions of a certain job title across any number of different companies in a given geography is widely disparate, lacking any meaningful sense of conformity across multiple variables. Given that recruiters, who are compensated by a percentage of rates, are the most typical expert source of market rates and directionality of rates, it is hard to use the term "fair" objectively. The Brightfield approach delivers accuracy and third party objectivity relying solely on credible sources of comparable data. 


We believe 3-8% standard deviation of job title pay rate is healthiest.