The best plans allow for uncertainty.

What average high-tech job pays
vs non high-tech.

Average starting salary for
2013 US bachelor degree.

Average # jobs held by boomers
between ages 18-46.



A Unique View of Variance.

While many of the data fields or variables we see are similar, no two companies have exactly the same inputs or outputs of analysis. Given that distinct reality, Brightfield has little use for the standard broad stroke benchmarking approach employed by many. Instead, we’ve found that “sleuthing” for causes of variance (which focuses on variance of data as opposed to just average values) paints a more accurate picture. When we model price, for example, we look at the dynamics of the constituent data points, how they vary from one another, how they cluster into sub-segments and what other variables have a correlative or even casual effect. This more scientific, investigative approach is not only unique in our field but disproportionately valuable when we find variance in rates, candidate type and supplier differences per job title. It’s yet another way Brightfield’s analytical detective work turns volumes of information into valuable intelligent decisions. Because the Brightfield ethos isn’t simply to examine data but to winnow and sift without exception in order to generate more actual facts.