9 to 5
Yesterday’s workday.

Turkey inseminator and chicken plucker
are two of the more
unusual job titles analyzed.

Projected age of retirement
for current workers.

6 in 10
# of Millennials with jobs.

If metrics are the bones,
data is the marrow.

% of workers engaged at work.

# of boomers turning
65 daily in US.

# of people in US labor force.

# of newly defined detailed
occupations in 2010 SOC system.

On average, Canadians earned 33.18
per hour in 2013.

# of buyers indicating no assignment limits.

In 10 years, projected growth
for on line staffing services.

2013 global MSP spend.

The power of the printed word.

Brightfield believes actions speak louder than words but words still speak volumes. Our straight to the point, let’s understand the facts first attitude has brought welcomed perspective to our clients and industry focused publications for years. You can find Brightfield thinking on a variety of contingent workforce issues in the following articles.


Our Thoughts in Print

  • HR Analytics: Avoiding Getting “Stuck in Neutral”

    Nelson | August 15, 2016

    by David Bernstein

    As I discussed at Nelson’s recent NELSONtalks: Business events, using big data to inform HR decisions is the next HR evolution. And as HR professionals utilize more and more data to drive decision-making, they’re creating value and driving competitive advantage like never before. But big data can be scary, and getting started can be overwhelming. Avoid “getting stuck in neutral” and kick your big data efforts into high gear with the tips below.

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  • Climate Change: To Survive, the VMS has to Evolve to a More Holistic Solution

    Staffing Industry Review | August 1, 2016

    by Steve Knapp

    So much has been said about the vendor management system. There are those who love to hate it, others who think it commoditized the industry, and still more who believe that the tool changed the face of the industry. This year marks my 15th year working with, on, for or around VMS platforms and providers. It’s a good moment to reflect on the past, survey the present and look to the future as the VMS as we know it is going to evolve.

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  • The Right Data

    Staffing Industry Analysts | CWS 3.0: April 13th, 2016

    by Jason Ezratty

    As contingent workforce managers look for ways to use all the data they collect to their advantage, they will find a number of technological solutions that can help. However, it’s critical to start with valid data containing similar enough characteristics to warrant comparison.

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  • Making Sense of Data

    Staffing Industry Analysts | CWS 3.0: April 6th, 2016

    by Jason Ezratty

    Staffing firms are drowning in data. Skills, rates, previous jobs, upcoming jobs, client industries and more are the pieces the workforce solutions ecosystem has to deal with. But not all of that data is useful, or even accurate, and that makes putting it to good use challenging.

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  • The next frontier: Will the human cloud change CW management?

    Staffing Industry Analysts | CWS 3.0: March 30th, 2016

    by Cara Kresge

    It is an exciting time in the evolution of contingent labor sourcing and management strategies. Beyond standard recruiting methods such as staffing agency recruitment or business process outsourcing, there is the emergence of the human cloud. If you are asking yourself, “The human what?!” you are not alone. Although human cloud companies processed between $8.9 billion and $11.1 billion in associated spend in 2014, many companies still struggle with tapping into this talent pool.

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