1 in 3
# of working Americans in
contingent workforce.

Uncertainty makes firms
reluctant to hire.

India was the world's #1
efficiency market 2014.

Using scientific disciplines and methodologies, Brightfield has developed a vast understanding of today's contingency workforce, their role, their worth and place in the world's changing economy. Across industries and continents, we're helping Fortune 100 companies turn thinking into action and action into tangible results. By doing business in over 50 countries from China to Canada, we've found our clients have one thing in common: their contingent workforces are large, complex and ever-evolving. Brightfield engages with firms of all shapes and sizes-including those in key verticals where the use of a highly qualified technically proficient contingent workforce is critical. Our unique perspective and management skills deliver value to companies whether their contingent workforce programs control millions or billions. Below are some of the industries in which we work.



Brightfield consults Global 100 clients in banking & financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, oil & gas, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace & defense, energy/power, software and high-technology industries.