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Brightfield not only takes pride in its people but in its partnerships. As a long standing member of the CW community, our affiliations run deep; in many cases going back to the earliest days of the industry. Our employees advise, supply information and support the work of those organizations listed below.

Staffing Industry Analysts
Brightfield is the exclusive consulting partner to Staffing Industry Analysts' Contingent Workforce Strategies Council (CWS Council), a peer-based community comprised of Fortune 1000 companies. During in-person conferences and monthly web-conferencing, these professionals share contingent workforce data, observations and practices with the aim to help create a better working world.

Staffing Industry Analysts Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP)
The latest effort in a continuing partnership between Staffing Industry Analysts and Brightfield, Certified Contingent Workforce Professional a.k.a. CCWP is an accreditation program designed for HR, Procurement and others who manage corporate contingent and/or temporary staffing. The certification assesses and expands each individual's level of expertise. The courses, taught by industry notables including our own Jason Ezratty, who also helped create some of the curriculum, are rigorous (as they should be when your goal is to create an elite brand of program professional with a designation only a select few can call their own). The classes, which to date have been in person in various cities around the country, are now being rolled out on-line.

Corporate United
Brightfield provides independent, objective advisory services to Corporate United and its 225+ members; interacting in an on-going basis to design "fit for purpose" contingent workforce solutions on a wide variety of needs. In addition, Brightfield offers CU members access to tools and templates, best practice reports and benchmark data to help maximize productivity, minimize liabilities and mitigate risk.