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Do you have yesterday's thinkers
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Increase in VMS managed SOW spend
from 2011 to 2012.

brightfield | strategies for a new working world

Strategies for aatomicworker
new working world.

The world doesn’t work like it used to. And according to a recent survey of top economists, change is here to stay. Call them temp, seasonal, freelance or project paid, with a new contingent workforce dynamic comes a need for new, dynamic workforce strategies. Visions crafted out of hard fact not thin air. Thinking that works in market not simply on paper. Ideas that generate results. Because in today’s 1099 economy, it’s not about ideas that have promise, it’s about strategies that reach potential and help create a new working world.


in physics
work = force x distance
in business
work = headcount x hours
in the new world
work = talent ÷ risk


The definition of work has shifted; becoming more result focused. Based on output, 
we now define work as a function of talent, the quality, size and orchestration of workers, 
proportional to risk, the potential for failure, delay or unforeseen budgetary events.
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€ 259,000,000,000

Annual amount spent globally on temp services.